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Generate qualified MSP leads every month without cold calling or networking

Local businesses stick with their IT provider for a very long time.   It's too much of a hassle to switch MSP. This makes marketing an IT business with proven results a real challenge.  Your sales team end up cold calling, networking and focusing on outbound lead generation techniques.  Qualified MSP leads are like gold dust.   

IT Rockstars will teach you how to fill your sales pipeline say goodbye to irregular referrals and hello to predictable sales growth.

IT Rockstar's proven 3 step MSP lead gen formula.

1) IT Search Marketing

Rank your IT business for high converting terms locally.  With a combination of organic and paid search optimization.

2) Social Retargeting

Re-target your website visitors with educational IT content that helps them in their business.  Build your online reputation as the technology authority.

3) Capture leads

Create irresistible calls to action that will give you a list of contacts every month for your sales team to  build relationships with..

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Why work with us?


We know the I.T. Buyer

There are 3 main reasons why someone may be looking for a new IT provider.  1) Unhappy with current support 2) Major systems outage/security breach 3) Investment/expansion, current provider perceived to be ill equipped. 


We've done sales for MSPs

It's a tough slog - 6 months on average to close from first contact.  Leads are the scarcity stopping you growing predictably.  That's why we focus on the lead. 


We're not just another IP address!

We know our DHCP from our DNS and can translate the technology to the market.  

We only work with MSP's

Our philosophy is simple, we only work with managed service providers. If you are still providing break fix charge by the hour IT support then this is not for you. Working with MSPs allows our marketing system to be hyper focused on the managed monthly recurring revenue IT buyer.

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