If you support IT users that work in a business then the chances are that you have some knowledge of Microsoft Outlook.

There is no excuse not to know how it works under the hood - but the major problem is that there really is no official training program Microsoft offers to help support IT Pros with Outlook.

What do we do when we encounter a problem? Go directly to our little friend Google or a handful of useful forums. But it need not be that way.

Today we are going to give a brief glimpse on probably one of the most comprehensive Outlook support training courses we've come across.

This is the very first time we've reviewed something here at IT Rockstars but with good reason.

With so many reported issues with the latest version of Outlook. You really do need to invest some time in understanding the inner workings of everyone's favorite email client.

As such let me introduce you to:

Call That Girls' Outlook Training for Technicians.

It's a 7-hour in-depth video training library from one of the most respected Outlook support professionals, Lisa Hendrickson aka "Call That Girl"

These videos will give you an experienced step by step guide into mastering some of Outlooks most common gotchas.

The video library is delivered personally by Lisa with a no-nonsense approach to the task at hand.

What's included in the course?

  • Video 1
  • Video 2
  • Video 3
  • Video 4
  • Video 5
  • Video 6
  • Video 7
  • Why Outlook is so popular, learning lessons

    Why your customers love Outlook
    Common sense business lessons when working on client computers
    Know your Outlook version

This is not a definitive list of all the course content - as there's so much and some real golden nuggets of information in these videos that only come with the experience Lisa has.

As you can see from the course content above the course is all video based with all videos being hosted under a private Vimeo account.  Whilst we can't show any of the content in this review we can show examples of how the course content is delivered.  Lisa also has a Youtube channel which you might have guessed covers a lot of Microsoft Outlook topics.

Here's one of Lisa's most popular videos from her youtube channel:

Who's the course for?

We took some time thinking about this as the course will not be for everyone. It's 7 hours, what are the chances you are going to use all of the knowledge? Probably quite minimal.

However here's the kicker - this course is ideal for people that might be venturing out into the world of IT Support and want a good grounding in Microsoft Outlook and the confidence going into an Outlook repair.  Yes, a lot will come with experience but if you are new in the field you have to get Outlook right.  Having Lisa's expert advice will truly give you one up on your competition.

Remote support techs
The other set of techs we can see this course being very useful for is the remote support crowd. The great thing about supporting Microsoft Outlook as one of your core services is that it's software based meaning you can do all the work remotely and don't have to physically be on site at the clients' premises - ever. That is a big bonus as it allows you to support more clients without having to incur travel time by you or one of your technicians.

The Positives:

The course is instructed by an Outlook expert. Lisa deals with Microsoft Outlook issues on a regular basis - this is not a theory led course but something with a real-world practical application. We've seen many theory based courses which will give you the complete outline of a technical training from A to Z but with no real-world usage. This is the main benefit of the course, taking the knowledge within and using it on a daily basis. Something that's just not the norm with other "official" Microsoft training courses.

The Negatives:

7 hours of video training is a lot to consume. No matter who you are your not going to sit through this unless you really need to master all aspects of Outlook. Which is why we mentioned this product is ideal for someone with low confidence in supporting Outlook or someone that's going to focus Outlook support as one of their core services/skills. Which let's face it is a real selling point as so much of a user's activity based in Outlook.

Should you buy this?

We could not find anything else on the market to compete with Lisa's product.  In fact Microsoft themselves do not offer an form of qualification the provides a full understanding on how to support Microsoft Outlook.  Most technicians and IT professionals learn to support Outlook by gaining experience on the job.  Whilst this is always the best way to learn how to support a piece of software Lisa's practical advice on backing up before starting any type of repair of fix is invaluable.  The methodology on how this process is done is whats give the course such unbeatable.

Lets face it - you do not want to loose a clients email inbox by having an inexperienced technician "try" and fix something. 

The real value is not the 7 hours of content but Lisa's knowledge in this field.

Have you ever heard the saying "an expert is someone that has made many mistakes"?

A great example of this is her advice "never google on the client's computer" This is such an obvious thing to avoid for so many reasons - but can easily be missed.  There's other gold just like this in the course.

For $10 you don't have to make the same mistakes Lisa Hendrickson, Microsoft Outlook expert may have made.  And instead learn from her.