With 2017 just round the corner I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that we’ve had some big cyber attacks in 2016. Here are the most well-known ones that were reported: Hilary Clinton Yahoo TalkTalk LinkedIn Dropbox What about all the others? Well, it’s fact that small and medium size businesses are getting […]

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In this video we detail the 5 steps your business should be taking to protect against ransomware. For a more detailed blog post on these 5 steps please refer to this recent entry: Ransomware Protection Guide Current list of ransomware variants: aaa – extension abc – extension Aga Alpha AlphaCrypt/Locker BadBlock Bandarchor BankAccountSummary Bart Bitcrypt […]

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Wreaking havoc on share network drives and departmental files. I give you: Ransomware, cryptolocker, cryptowall, torrentlocker. These are all terms for the latest threat to your IT systems. Yes your IT systems. Before I start and get into the nitty gritty – IT security is a bit like building insurance. There’s rarely a need or […]

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Scott Millar Aberdeen
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